High reputation Wheel Display - Tyre Display Holder Stand – Hank

Tyre Display Holder (also known as plastic display stand, Tyre Display Stand, Tyre Feet, Tyre Base) is adjustable to hold from small PCR tyres to big TBR tyres (Min tyre width 150mm). You can put it on the ground , on table, or any other place you want. It’s made of high quality PP plastic, light weight, long lasting, low price and easy to use. Advantages:
  • Portable tyre display solution
  • Different colors available
  • Suitable for both PCR tyres and TBR tyres
  • Print your Logo/ Brand name on it

Item No.

Dimensions (mm)


Min Tire Width

Carton Quantity

Gross Weight



2mm PP


20 sets

10.8kg / carton