60inch Stacking Rack

Stacking Racks (also known as Stack Racks, Post Pallets, 4 Posts Racks) are the most easy to use and versatile storage system. It is composed of one base and four removable posts. You can stack them up to 5 units high when fully loaded with goods, and up to 20 units high when the posts are removed, which will dramatically save your floor space. You can easily handle this rack with forlift truck and move it anywhere you want. The most popular size are 60inch (1520*1520*1520mm) and 72inch (1830*1830*1830mm), we can also make any other size as per your request. Advantages:
  • Easy to lift up and move around with forklift truck or pallet jack
  • Ready to use, no installation required
  • Quickly and simply rearrange your warehouse
  • Designed to stack 3~5 units high to maximum utilize the warehouse space
  • Posts can be removed and stacking up to 20 units high to save floor space

Item No.

Dimensions (mm)

Loading Cap

Max Stack


40′ HQ Qty


1520*1520*H1520 / 60inch

1000 kgs



200 sets


1830*1830*H1830 / 72inch

1000 kgs



146 sets